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NetBox Reorder-Rack Plugin Author Alex Gittings Claims Second NetBox Labs Plugin Bounty
I’m delighted to deliver the news that the NetBox Plugin Bounty Program has awarded another payout for a job well done. Developer Alex Gittings claimed a bounty from NetBox Labs after authoring, releasing, and submitting for review the Reorder Rack plugin. The plugin is now available via GitHub and PyPI, and is listed in the...
Announcing General Availability of the ServiceNow CMDB and Workflow Integrations for NetBox Enterprise and NetBox Cloud
A few months ago, we announced private preview availability of two new ServiceNow NetBox integrations for customers of NetBox Enterprise and NetBox Cloud. Since then, we’ve seen incredible engagement from a large array of enterprise customers, demonstrating the importance of connecting NetBox’s data with the enterprise-wide system of record and workflows. Today, we’re thrilled to...
How to succeed with Network Automation using NetBox, Slurp’it and Netpicker
Originally hosted on the blog at Guest Author: Wim Gerrits Preface by Mark Coleman Mark: This is the first time we’ve done a guest blog at NetBox Labs, but we thought it was such a great post that we wanted to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. In this blog Wim...
AutoCon1 Recap: My takeaways from what is now THE network automation event
Last week we traveled over to Amsterdam for AutoCon1, the second edition of the Network Automation Forum’s event which dares to ask the question: “Why haven’t we seen full adoption of network automation yet?” The Network Automation Forum took AutoCon to new levels this time round and it’s pretty clear that this is now the...
NetBox Labs Announces Project Bundles for Partners to Accelerate Network Projects
NetBox Cloud and NetBox Enterprise Project Bundles for Partners Streamline and Simplify Access to Supported Editions of NetBox for Consulting, Integrator, and Services Partners NEW YORK, June 3, 2024 – Today, NetBox Labs announced immediate availability of new Project Bundles for Partners for all NetBox Cloud and NetBox Enterprise plans, making it easy for expert...
NetBox Labs Project Bundles for Partners: Streamlining Network Projects for Our Expert Partners and Their Clients
At NetBox Labs, we love our Expert Partners – the consulting, integrator, and services partners who work closely with customers large and small to build and refresh networks, modernize network management, implement network automation architectures, and so much more. NetBox Labs Expert Partners are trusted advisors to their clients, and often lead the charge at times...
Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and NetBox: Why the Most Popular Network Automation Pair Is Here to Stay
We announced some exciting news today with Red Hat. NetBox Labs and Red Hat are collaborating to support and certify the hugely popular NetBox Ansible Content Collection on RedHat Ansible Automation Platform.  Here’s what Dafne Mendoza, principal product manager leading network automation strategy in the Ansible Business Unit at Red Hat, has to say about the...
Announcing the NetBox Cloud Free Plan: Getting Started with NetBox is Now Easier Than Ever
NetBox Labs Eliminates Barriers to Network Automation with Production Grade NetBox Cloud for Free, Including Generous Features and Usage, Available Today Our mission at NetBox Labs is to make it easier to build and manage complex networks.  Today, we’re taking an enormous leap forward in fulfilling that mission by making NetBox Cloud free for every...
Do You Need a Network Source of Truth for Network Automation? Not At First…
Move fast and try not to break things At NetBox Labs we often share stories about how our users are succeeding with NetBox in their network automation initiatives, and at the same time we also talk about how teams often need to start with small automation experiments to get buy-in and then expand their network...
Navigating Network Automation with NetBox – The Operate Stage
Today we’ve finally arrived at the Operate stage of the network lifecycle. As I mentioned in the introduction blog the purpose of this series is to show how network automation supported by NetBox can be applied across the network lifecycle, following a workflow perspective. After kicking off the series with the Design stage, we then...
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